Developed as a successor to the Melrose Limited Edition day chair the Melrose Scorpion is the lightest titanium chair we have ever built. A 16” frame with the upholstery, forks and castors weighs only 3.9kg. Incorporating an under frame to keep it strong and flex free the new frame directs all your energy into motion with an effortless silky smooth ride. Lightweight fork pivots with alloy casters and lighter close weave ballistic upholstery complete the package.

Pair it with the Spinergy Carbon Blade wheels (upcharge) and you have an incredibly light ride without any of the problems usually associated with carbon fibre frames.

Standard Specifications

  • Titanium frame only
  • Fixed Back
  • Adjustable back Height
  • Adjustable Footplate Height
  • Fixed Camber and Customer specified Fixed Seat Height
  • Quick release 24” Spinergy day Spoked Wheels
  • A choice of Rollerblade, 4" or 5" Castors
  • Composite Scissor Brakes
  • Lightweight Adjustable Tension Sling and Back
  • Bead Blast Frame Finish
  • Five-year Frame Warranty

Options and Accessories

  • Folding Back
  • Adjustable Position Camber Bar
  • Soft Roll Castors 3”, 4” or 5”
  • Quad Release Axles
  • Removable Push Handles
  • Adjustable Back Upholstery or reinforced options
  • Fabric Skirt Guards, Fabric covered ABS Skirt Guards, ABS Drop In Skirt Guards, Alloy or Carbon Fibre Skirt Guards
  • Cushion, Seat Belt
  • Fabric or ABS Footplate Cover
  • Bag under chair or Back Pack
  • Tyres, smooth or tread, high pressure or solid KIK and BMX
  • Wheels available in 24", 25", 26" and BMX sizes
  • Hill Climber Brakes, Scissor Brakes and Ds-Locks Brakes
  • Spoke Guards, clear or with custom graphics
  • Angle adjustable footplate